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Strong BFA programs in NY state?


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I know this board is to help people apply to and assess MFA programs but I need your help.  For a project I'm looking at BFA programs in NY state.  We all know the usual suspects but I'm interested in hearing from graduates of the under-appreciated programs.   If you had a positive experience in an NY state (public or private) visual arts program I'd love to know about it.  What made it good?  Who were your exceptional teachers?



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I graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a BFA in painting, and I loved it. The school itself is in a beautiful area and there is some great faculty. I'd say there is a healthy mix of talent so you'll have the opportunity to be around some very talented people, while still being able to shine. And hey, state tuition's the best.

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Buffalo state has an amazing sculpture program. The head of the department, Ken Payne, is a cast iron legend. We have 6 hour group critiques and great studio spaces.  

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