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Chances with Disciplinary Record

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I am applying to PhD programs in political science, and some ask if I have received disciplinary probation or higher for anything. I am nervous because I received disciplinary probation for a semester for "harassing behavior" in the first 2 weeks of my freshman year because my former roommate trumped up some charges so he could move in with his friend at the dorm. Three weeks later, my probation was extended for drinking (which I was guilty of doing). I have not had a blemish on my record since, have a gpa greater than 3.9, perfect scores in my field, research experience, strong letters of recommendation from senior faculty, strong GRE scores, and internship experience with a foreign government. In fact, I am now on the board that hears cases as well. In light of that, will it still be too big of a blemish on my record to get admitted?

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No one can make you any promises, but to my knowledge it shouldn't automatically exclude you from being admitted. Every time I've seen a question like this, it comes with a "please explain" field in case you answer Yes. So I would work on an explanation whose gist is "this was stupid and well in the past, it does not reflect who I am today." Make sure that it doesn't sound like you're making excuses (which the wording you have here does; you may be 100% telling the truth, but as a third party observer, anything like "trumped up charges my roommate made up" sounds like there must be more to the story). Keep it short and to the point, no more than 2-3 sentences. I would not suggest lying about anything, but also keep in mind that being honest does not mean being candid. You are not obligated to reveal everything about your personal life. 

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