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Feedback on my GRE essay


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I would like a feedback on my GRE essay. This was my first full simulation, so I was a bit surprised by the timing and I didn't take much time to think about the coherence of my text. Thanks to anyone who will help me!


"Men and women, because of their inherent physical differences, are not equally suited for many tasks"


Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.



More and more every year, feminism is a topic that is brought to our attention. Many women - and also some men - try to convince others that men and women should be considered and treated equally. To that statement, some might reply that natural differences, such as physical differences, allow more abilities to men. This essay will attempt to explain that some physical differences also favorize women in certain situations. Moreover, this essay argues that physical differences are not the only differences that can allow different skills to each gender: mental differences should also be considered.


Historically, one of the biggest inequalities between genders has been - and still is, in some cases - the earning of a different income for a similar job. For example, in tennis, it has only been a few years since men and women earn the same amount of money for the same result at a tournament. This despite the fact that, in Grand Slams, women play at the best of three sets while men play at the best of five sets. Therefore, in tennis, it has accepted that men are physically capable of playing longer. However, both genders are rewarded with the same amount of money because it is considered they both play at the best of their abilities.


Therefore many people think that it is a general principle that men are physically more able than women. This might be true as far as strength and endurance are concerned. But some physical differences sometimes benefit women over men. For example, it is believed that women are better at physical tasks where accuracy is important, such as sewing. Of course, this is a general belief, and only a scientific study could assert how much of this statement is a stereotype and how much is genuine.


On the other hand, a belief that is still common nowadays is that "men are more skilled than women because they are physically stronger". This statement implies that strength and, more generally, physical abilities are the most important characteristic a human should have. However, mental differences between genders should also be highlighted. Indeed it seems that women are better at communicating than men, maybe because they need to express their feelings more, and spend more time trying to understand how humans' emotions work. Despite what used to be a general belief several decades ago, such emotional skills are more important than physical ones. The essential thing a human is looking for is love, for which empathy and communication are a key.


In conclusion, men and women do have physical differences, but also mental ones. Despite some common beliefs, physical abilities are not limited to strength and endurance (at which men are believed to be better). For example, accuracy is another physical skill and women might be better at some tasks that require it. Also, mental differences are to not be forgotten. Women might naturally be really good at skills like communicating well, and these emotional abilities still are underestimated.

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