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Low GPA! Not a great GRE score. What are my chances?


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I have a problem that afflicts most students.
I have scored 323 in my GRE (Quantitative - 163, Verbal - 160). Awaiting AWA score.
But my GPA is 3.2 (its weighted, i.e. class average linked. So if I score a modest score of 'X'  out of 100 and the class average is above X, then my GPA falls significantly, and if the class average is lower than my modest score of 'X' then i score a very high GPA)
I have a three year degree in BSc. Economics from Symbiosis University in India. My work portfolio consists of a year long stint with WWF-India (World wide fund for nature) in the forests as research assistant. Currently, I am working with SUZLON (wind energy) for the past six months with the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team.
In accordance with the aforementioned qualifications, will i be a suitable candidate for the Masters programmeS AT Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, UPenn and Yale?
Area of interest: Environmental economics, Public Policy, Energy & Resources.
Furthermore, since i have received instruction for my BSc. Economics degree in english and I have completed my A-levels in the UK (Maths, Economics and Law as my majors), will i be required to complete the TOEFL examination as well?
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Your GRE scores are not whatsoever too low to get into graduate programs. This is true particularly Masters programs, but you exceed the cutoff for virtually every school outside of the elite and are probably around the cutoff for them. You likely would be in the bottom rung of potential candidates for Top 10 schools like Yale as you list, but generally people on this web-site need to adjust their expectations to reality anyway. I see no reason you shouldn't get in to many schools ranked 10-50 if you apply and your supplementary materials (which are weighted far greater than GPA and GRE in most cases) are strong. 

Good luck! 



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