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Education-Focused Graduate Programs

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Are there any other SLP hopefuls out there who are more interested in the school-side of SLP? While I look forward to experiencing the different work settings in a program, I'm ultimately hoping for a school placement afterwards.  I'd also like to work with the middle/high school age children, although I know those placements are difficult to get.

What programs are more school-focused?

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Almost all  programs can give you a school placement. There's just so many more jobs available and a lot of programs have it as a requirement to equip you to work in schools in that state. The only exceptions would be programs that specifically state it's only a medical track (e.g.University of Washington Medical SLP program). This is  not the same as if you also did a medical emphasis,  but still were required to have a placement with children (which you could opt for a medical oriented pediatric experience, school, private clinic, etc.) If you want a school placement  I doubt it would be difficult to get no matter where you went. On the whole, it's usually hospital placements that are more challenging, because there are fewer around that have the time/willingness  to take students.

 As to which programs are more educationally focused, I would look at the schools curriculum (What electives do they offer?). Do they have more than just the basic child language/disorders course?  What types of clients does the school's in-house clinic tend to get (not just that they can offer all these services but what actual people come to the clinic). Also look at the school's  specialties (for example MGH has a large literacy focus, Pen State has a large AAC emphasis, etc). Lastly, look at what the professor's specialties and focuses are (since you'll be learning from them).

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im pretty sure a lot of the people in slp want the school aged children. i cant know for sure, but ive worked with a lot of slps, mostly in a school setting. those who work with the elderly population, also have a school setting during the day, etc

it shouldnt be a problem 

you should do more research on the particular area you live in though, just to be sure 

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