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Low GRE AWA Score and TOEFL Speaking


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I am currently pursuing my Masters in Aerospace Engineering from SUNY Buffalo. Please find my profile below:

GRE - 169Q and 147 V 2.0 AWA (given in 2013)
TOEFL - S19, W25, L26, R24 (given in 2013)
Current GPA - 3.38 (after one year of MS) - I have 2 C grades in Fluids and CFD
Currently a SA in FEM (Finite Element Methods)
Undergrad GPA - 7.8/10
One international publication

Currently doing Thesis and have worked on many projects related to design and FEM.

I want to pursue a PhD in Aerospace Engineering (Specializing in Structures). Please let me know if I have a chance of admission in top 20 universities? I am very concerned about my low AWA and Speaking scores.

Are there any other universities which you can suggest?

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