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1070 gre score psy phd program


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sooo i took the gre again and got like the same score -_- typical. first time 1020 (440V, 580Q) and 2nd time 1070 (540V, 530Q). How ....bad is this lol for phd psyc program, like im going to retalk with my letter writers about how they should talk about my stats/ research experience and practical skills i can offer grad programs. and honestly this is NOT from lack of studying I've been studying on a daily basis since April and took a prep class. I am just GRE retarded.

Other stats, overall 3.8 gpa, 4.0 psyc gpa (my school is on an A+ scale its .1 away from an A+, I'm hoping that will really help me out!)

volunteered at a psyc lab on campus, 4 month research placement at a hospital, research assistant with thesis supervisor since January

i will have one strong reference from my supevisor........and the other 2 hopefully.......they will take pity on me and write something wonderful, im asking my stats prof whose class i got 95% in, cancel out my quant score? i hope so =/

Any advice, thoughts, uplifting messages of hope!

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