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How to get work experience MBBS, MPH 2015 grad


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I'm not sure where to post this, so I am posting here (hope I didn't violate any terms of this website).

I am having trouble finding a job with my MBBS (medical degree from India) and recent (May 2015) MPH degree.  My job search has been all over the place and it has been 5 months since I graduated from my masters program. I am a foreign educated physician with ECFMG certification and I have considerable work experience as a clinical research coordinator (2 years) and US clinical training experience (I have gone down the residency route, but due to  personal reasons I could not accept the program I matched into and have since abandoned the idea of practicing medicine in the US). I want to gain experience in epidemiology and have been unsuccessful in finding a position that I will allow me to do so.  I know that programs exist where recent grads (within 6 months of graduation) are also considered for internships and other forms of gaining work experience, so I basically have one month left to fall into this category.  I live in the greater NY area so I know there are opportunities out there for me that I just don't know about.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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