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Fall16|MS|CS HCI|313|TOEFL|70%UG


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Please suggest me universities that I might have chances in. Please feel free to suggest additions /deletions from the blow list

MS-Human Computer Interaction

Here's my profile:

Universities shortlisted so far:
1. CMU (if I get 320+)
2. WashU
3. UMich
4. GaTech

5. Iowa state

6. Penn State

7: UC Irvine

8,9,10: Not decided

GRE: Scheduled for 13 Oct. Mock marks (313: 152v, 161q)
TOEFL: Scheduled for 8 Nov
UG: B.tech in Comp Sc- 71%.. highest was 80%
12th: 83%
10th: 91%

Projects: 2 during semester internship for 3 months each; 1 was development both backend and frontend and the other was for quality assurance

Papers: None

Seminars: Did some research on DNA computing on my own and delivered a seminar to students in my college. This was part of college semester program.

Work ex: 2.5 years 
Working as a quality assurance engineer in a Washington based company's India office in India. Been a part of 3 projects so far. Responsibilities include user interface testing primarily, database , end to end testing, requirement analysis, automation testing with java and selenium.

Programming: Java, selenium

Accolades: Awards for extraordinary contribution to the organization in overall development of the products.(Got this in office)

Extra Curricular: I own a student pilot license. Have done few hours of flying. 
Won in some advertisement related competitions etc at college level
Have won few non work related competitions in office.

Social Work: Associated with an NGO for child education.

LOR: I can manage one from a PHD prof in my colg and 2 from my managers at work. I can also get recommendation from my remote manager in US if that will leave an impact else India if that would suffice.

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