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Low GRE Score - loads of experience


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Hello All,

I don't post on this forum very often, but wanted to get some feedback and additional insight into a major stressor in my life. I am applying to PhD programs this fall in Organizational Leadership or Organizational Behavior - I have a list of about 8 schools that I have an interest in applying to, fancy little spreadsheet that tells me due dates, expectations, etc. Though there is one obstacle that is turning into a major concern for me - I didn't do well on the GRE. I am retaking the test next week, but am still concerned that improvement won't be enough to get me in. Below are the scores for the previous GRE:

Cumulative: 303 (V157, Q146, AW 5)

Not great...I know. I'm hoping that I have some redeeming qualities in the eyes of the admissions council - I have been doing this line of work (Human Resources) for 10 years. I have a MS with a 3.7 GPA in Organizational Leadership, a BS in Mgmt with a 3.2. In my SOP I'm planning on talking about how I was focused on getting an education despite growing up poor, single parent family, putting myself through my degrees - I worked the entire time. I have some incredible professors offering me letters of recommendation from both my undergrand and master's programs.

Am I right to worry so much about the current GRE score? I don't test well, particularly with a timed mathematical test. I love to write, and I've been told I write beautifully and thoroughly. Has anyone else been in the same boat as I am, how did it turn out?

Much appreciated,


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