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Human Rights


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I've only found a handful of programs in the United States that focus on human rights.

Columbia's LSMA in HR Studies (Their International Affairs program has a good human rights concentration too).

American U's MA in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs

University of Denver's MA in International Human Rights

Arizona State University's MA in Social Justice and Human Rights

NYU's MA in Global Affairs with a concentration in human rights (also to be considered is NYU's Gallatin school)

Any more worth mentioning? How are you applications going? What are your backgrounds in human rights?

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Are you only looking for an MA? Most of what you listed offer the same Human Rights content and research opps at the PhD level. And... I know you're being specific and I enjoy the search for things with the title that gives you what you're looking for (I do the same thing), but I have definitely come to accept that pretty much any polisci or joint polisci/law program will give you the Human Rights angle, provided that there are faculty advisors that you can connect with (which I have found to be likely).

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If you are into human rights, why not go to Europe?

It's what all the leftish people here are so into ;)

I don't know too much about that field, but LSE and UCL both have a program in it.

Utrecht also has an english language master conflict studies and human rights.

I am sure loads of other European schools have it too.

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