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Help with Neurogenics!

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So I am a commuting student with a full time job back home. I currently only have to drive to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays which is an hour and 15 minutes one way so not too bad. Next semester I will be taking Intro to Neurogenics (on monday/wednesday for 50 minutes) and Speech Science(on tuesday/thursday for 2 hours). Neurogenics is not offered online so that would have me driving to school 4 times a week. My professor said that if I was able to find a Neurogenics class onine then that could be an option. If anyone knows of a Neurogenics class offered online please let me know! Her best option was for me to not work and drive to school 4 days a week. So I'm slightly desperate because I need to keep my job to pay for school. Thanks for any help you can offer

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My professors don't allow speech science online, only neurogenics. She said if I could find it then I could take it but I've had no luck. It's only a 2 credit class so it's just not ideal!

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