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Profile Evaluation - Fall 2016, MS in ECE/EE


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Hi All,

Kindly evaluate my profile.

UG Acads - B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur
8.88 CGPA
Topper CGPA - 9.16

GRE - 327 (159 V, 168 Q), 4.5 AWA
TOEFEL - Not yet taken, expecting 100+

Second-author in 1 IEEE conference publication (relevant to the field) from my B.Tech project. Another relevant project for 3 months.

By Nov 2015, I would have worked in EDA as R&D Engineer for 1.5 years.

Applying to ECE/EE departments.

Initial list of universities:
1. UCB - M.S. in EE & Comp Sci, Design, Modeling & Analysis
2. UT Austin - MS ECE, Spec in Comp Arch & Embedded Systems
3. Georgia Tech - MS ECE
4. Wisconsin Madison - MS EE, Computer Engineering
5. CMU - MS in ECE
6. UCSD - MS EE with spec in Comp Engg
7. USC - MS EE with spec in Comp Engg
8. Maryland College Park - MS ECE with spec in Comp Engg
9. UCSB - MS ECE in Comp Engg
10. TAMU, College Station - MS ECE in Comp Engg
11. University of Washington - MS EE, Integrated Systems, Circuits and VLSI
Can somebody please help in evaluating my profile and let me know which universities are ambitious, safe and moderate?
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