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should I report a medium chem GRE with a low GPA?


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Hi guys. I'm an international student with a Bsc in chemistry. I want to apply for Phd program in pharmaceutical sciences and no I'm not aiming for top tier universities! My overal GPA is 2.7 and my last 2 years GPA is 3.16. The problem here is that I took chem GRE  and I scored 51%. I know that this is a not so ok score for an international student, but do you think this might help me show that my "knowledge" of chemistry is not that bad since I at least scored above half of the participants? I have 1 year of research experience, 1 paper under review in a pharmaceutical related journal with an impact factor of 1.2 and good LORs. I scored 300/ AWA 4 in GRE ( I'm taking it again in 2 weeks) and 120 in TOEFL. I also co-authored a book in cosmetic chemistry though I don't think that's an impressive point. So with all these in regard, do you think reporting the chem GRE could help me in anyway or is it just a negative point? Thank you guys so much for taking time and reading this.

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If you have already booked your dates, practice and practice and practice. Do not lurk around here. Just go to your room and remain there. You have two weeks. Use them judiciously. If your native language is not English, then I would advise you to practice Quant as much as you can. Focus on your weak areas. Try and solve the hard questions in Manhattan book or something. Doesn't matter if you can solve them or not. At-least try. This will help you in tackling questions there. Makes your mind ready for the ultimate battle. 

DO NOT forget to solve as many mocks as you can. Do the free Manhattan test or the free Kaplan test etc and ofcourse the Powerprep. I gave 16 mocks before giving GRE. So, you might want to give at-least 5-6.

Don't report your GRE score. You are giving it again in two weeks. Why would you want to report.  You can apply to schools where min. GPA is 3. A lot of them have this. Write a stellar SOP and do mention the book thing. The whole application package decides your profile. Not just the acads or GRE etc.

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