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NSF GRFP as a permanent resident

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Hi all,

A little bit of backstory so you can understand my sentiment.

I have been living in the US since I was a teenager in highschool and I am now in grad school applying for the NSF GRFP. I came here with my family and I am currently staying here on a green card with them. I plan on requesting dual citizenship with my home country and the US as soon as I can because, well, I like it here. I moved here because of opportunity when my father got a job through his company here. I am staying mainly because my field of science is much more well represented here than in my home country. I think the place that I spent my formative years greatly influenced what I want to do in life, would mentioning my home country in the personal statement essay be a drawback in any way? I feel like I am going crazy writing this and over analyzing everything.

Thanks to everyone that read it this far and thanks again if you reply.


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