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moving to new PhD program and ditching the current


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I am currently enrolled in a PhD program in western Europe starting September 2015.

I had applied to one of the UK universities for Fall 2015 and I had got admit without funding.

Now the professor has funding for me and he asked me whether I can join his lab from January 2016 as a PhD student.

The UK university is better ranked and there is no issue joining there. The current university is not bad but its reputation and ranking is not as good as UK one.

The research lab I currently work matches my area and I don't have problems here as well.

So my question is whether I can ditch my current place and move to UK. I have not yet started any research on my own here. Last 2 months I am just learning the concepts, reading papers and getting to know the tools. 


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I suggest you post this in academia.stackexchange.com, as there will be more faculty (in CS no less) That might have some experience with how to handle this situation. I think there is a reasonable way to to do this depending on the nature of how you approach your current department and how healthy it is. 

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