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Hi everyone,

I am in the process of trying to figure out what programs would be feasible for me to get accepted into, any help on this matter would be very appreciated. The following is a synopsis of my application:

Status: domestic white male

Undergrad School: Midwest Liberal Arts

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Economics

GPA: 4.69 and 4.88 Math


Q: 167

V: 154

W: 4.5

Relavant Skills: Python, R, Datameer, Tableau

Research Experience: Assisting a professor with work in differential equations/dynamical systems

Other: Calculus and Statistics grader/tutor, worked as a data analyst intern for a fortune 20 company, received a statistics award from college's mathematics/statistics department

I am confident that I will be getting good letters of recommendation also. I was thinking of applying to the university of minnesota, wisconsin-madison and johns hopkins university. Are these schools out of reach? And where would be a feasible place to apply?



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