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Distance Education questions VCU and Widener


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Hi there!  I'm applying to both Widener and VCU's Distance Education MSW's and am curious of hearing other's experiences with their programs.  There are good and bad things about both based on my conversations with the schools and research, but I'd love to hear any first hand experiences as well.

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I'd love to hear from anyone attending Widener! The fact that Widener has a focus on trauma studies is a huge selling point for me.

What have you come up with regarding pros and cons for each?

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I like that Widener does classes one at a time - so one class for 8 weeks rather than a full semester of multiple.  I know both are hard, but focusing on one thing at a time is appealing to me.  I also like Widener's trauma focus as well.

VCU is a bit cheaper.  It's had a distance ed program much longer and offers the option to do your field work for 12 weeks and 16 weeks respectively full time over a summer. Since I will have to work full time, this option is actually a bit easier for me as I could take a leave or sabbatical from my full time job.   They also have many more connections for field work placements in my local area and that is appealing as well.

Both are good, I'll be applying to both, but I lean to VCU mainly because of the field work options.

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I am currently a graduate student at Widener in their online MSW program and I love it.  Its a part time program if you are doing it online.  I just started May 2015 and I am pleased with the program.  I feel as though I have a great support system.  The professors are very knowledgeable and I am completely falling in love with this field.  The program is trauma focused which is nice.  I am only up to my 5th class now.  The last class I took was SW502 human behavior 2.  In that class we discussed how giving certain diagnosis is impactful and how a person's traumatic past can be a cause for many diagnoses

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