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Brown/Carnegie Mellon MS Innovation Management


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Hey guys, as mentioned previously i am currently pursing my BS in Electronics Engineering Technology degree. I am looking to do a couple things after graduation and that is hoping to try and get a masters degree. Although i'm still going to apply to get my MSEE, i am wondering what you guys think about Carnegie Mellon's Innovation & Engineering Innovation Management degree, or Brown's (PRIME) Innovation Engineering. Both are extremely similiar with what they have to offer. It is a way for engineering/technical people to get a feel for the combined world of engineering and business. This very interests me, however i'd still like to hopefully go and purse my MSEE first.

The reason why im thinking about at least applying for these is i think since i have a technology degree, that i have a much better shot at being accepted into one of those programs rather than an MSEE or even if i do get into an MSEE, i'd still have to take many bridge courses. Both these programs are only 2 semesters long.

Am i under the wrong impression to go and try to apply to these school with hopes that after i finish this program i'd have a much better shot at being admitted/considered into other engineering schools for my MSEE with possibly little to no bridge courses? In other words, if i have a masters in of these programs from one of these top schools, would other graduate schools see that, and give me a better edge to be accepted directly into their MSEE program?

My other question is do you think these programs are worth it rather than just going to purse an MBA down the road. I still would like to pursue an MBA 10 years down the road even if i were to get this degree, what you guys think though about these programs.

Another question if you guys can help me out with is, this is fairly a new program. Which means that theres only about 10 people in the program. I'm sure both schools are trying to grow and expand that. I have a decent gpa, will prob end with < 3.4, but were talking about Brown and Carnegie Mellon. Two schools that are arguably some of the best around. Since it is a small uncommon program, do you think i'd have a decent shot even getting admitted into their program? I know they wouldnt even look at me if i were to apply to their engineering programs, but would i have a shot at being admitted into these programs.

Thanks guys, any input wether good or bad is appreciated. Feel free to answer all or any of those questions.

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