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Can I get some advice on school choosing? Thanks a lot!


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Thank you very much for your time!

So about me. I am a student from a Uc berkeley, with a 3.35-GPA and no any research. Applying to anything related to ECON/STATS that is easy to get in. The good thing is I have 3 majors, but one of them is totally not related to my grad school targets(Languages). I have a GRE score at 159+170+3.5, and the second time AWA score is not yet avaliable (I expect it to be not anything higher... prob another 3.5 or 4.0 given I felt bad about it)

current weakness: GPA, Weak recommendation, no research. I know my GPA and recommendation is nowhere close to a top 10 level school's requirement...

prob strong points: 3 majors, decent intern, ok GRE score. I am confident about hitting a 330+ if needed next month.

So, my question is: which particular majors in schools that are Top 10 that I have a decent chance to get in? I almost DO NOT care about major/department ranking, i.e. i will take any major in top 10 over any major in a low rank(as long as it's related to my field)? And for what parts can i improve my profile?


Thank you very much!


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