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PhD Chem: comments on school choice


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I want to know your opinion regarding my choice of school regarding my application. Do you think I have a chance with the schools I chose?


Bachelors: Non-US school, Chemistry degree

Masters: (2 MS Degrees) Non-US school, Chemistry Degree; SUNY-Buffalo, Medicinal Chemistry Degree

Applying: PhD Chemistry (Chemical biology or Biochemistry focus)

GPA: Undergrad (3.3); MS Chem (3.7); MS MedChem (4.0)

GRE: 149V/158Q/3.5 Subject: 820 (82%)

Research: 2 yrs full time synthetic/molecular imaging/natural products lab; >1 yr chembio lab

Publication: 1 first author paper RSC Advances

Conferences: 4 national conferences; 1 international conference (GRC)

Rec Letters: 2 excellent; 1 good

TA Experience: 5 yrs total; PChem, Organic, Gen chem, Analytical, Biochem


Dream:  Johns Hopkins, UCLA, UCDavis

Reach: UMN, TAMU

Target: OSU, UUtah

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