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Inaccuracy on CV for minor?


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I'm applying to public policy schools and my major is currently biomedical sciences. Originally, I thought that I might be able to complete a minor in international studies and still graduate on time because of my AP/IB credits. But because of issues with summer course registration, I'm not sure that this is still possible. Should I email the schools I've applied to and tell them that I won't be able to complete the minor as listed on my curriculum vitae? I was thinking about doing so since my minor hasn't yet been declared, so it doesn't show up on my transcript, which may potentially my CV come under scrutiny. But I'm not sure if I should as raising the issue's profile might hurt my applications a lot more than it should.

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It's your judgement call to make. 

If I were in your shoes, since a minor in International Studies will have little effect on admission to a graduate program in biomedical sciences (assuming you are applying to grad school in your major field), I would not worry about it too much.

For schools which the application deadline has not yet passed, I would contact the school and provide an update. However, I would wait until the week before the deadline so that if you have any other updates, it can all come under one single request. It sounds like you just need to send a new CV, so I would just send the new document---no need to draw attention to the differences (also, the person that is managing your portfolio/file probably would not care). (**Note: This is one of the reasons why I would always recommend a student apply as close to the deadline as possible for most programs, as the date of application does not matter).

For schools which the application deadline already passed, then I would not say anything. Once you hear a decision from these schools, I would update them with the new information. After all, at the time of application, your file was correct. However, if the school specifically instructed you to keep them updated of certain things, then I would do the same as above.


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