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Application for PhD in Chemical Engineering


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Hello all! Can you please tell if the list of grad schools I'm applying for PhD in chemical engineering is OK..? And please suggest any modifications...

Undergrad Institution: IIT Bombay, India 
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Systems and Control engineering
Overall GPA: 7.5/10 (Roughly translates to 3.2/4 as 7/10 is average in my class)
GRE: Total 325
Q: 168
V: 157
W: 4

TOEFL iBT: 99 (R:26, W:25, L:29, S:19)

Research Experience: 4 Projects in 4 different labs, mostly in modelling and simulations, so 3 strong LoRs.. 

Publications: 1) A second author journal paper 2) A 1st author journal paper in preparation 3) A  2nd author conference paper

Applying to:
UT Austin

U of Minnesota

U of Wisconsin



U Washington

Georgia Tech

U of Delaware

UMass Amherst

Does the TOEFL score matter in PhD admission decision if it's above min requirement? 

Also, can you please suggest some backup univs....

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