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Chances? Masters in Stats

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So i'm planning on applying to Masters programs and statistics (for Fall '10) and would like some feedback on my stats for a good masters program (top 20)? I'm not entirely sure where i could possibly get in, as i know the very top programs are competitive.

BA in Economics and Mathematics (Double Major) from top 10 undergrad in 2008

Cumulative GPA is 3.6 (Same for both Majors)

Math/Stat Grades: Calc 2 (C+ -1st semester of college) Calc 3:B+, Linear Algebra: (A) Abstract Algebra: (A-) ODEs and PDEs: (A) Real Analysis: (B+), Intro Stat/Prob: (A), Applied Linear Regression: (A)

Econ: (intermediate theory): Micro/Macro/Econometrics: (A) Game Theory (B)

I'll have 2 very good Math Recs, and a good/decent Econ Rec.

I'm worried about my C+ in calc2, and my so-so calc3/analysis grade (tho the avg grade in my analysis class was scaled to a B-, bleh). General GREs will be taken soon, but i should do well. (i'll update on this later). I will not be taking the math subject test.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

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