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Profile Evaluation for PhD in Mechanical


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Hi all,

I am looking to do PhD in Robotics.I would really appreciate any feedback regarding my profile and how i can improve my choices


Master Major:  Manufacturing Technology

Master's GPA: 8.1/10 (Roughly equivalent to 4 ,using WES) topper's GPA- 8.7

UG Major :  Mechanical engineering GPA

UG GPA: 7.9/10 (Roughly equivalent to 3.7/4,using WES ) topper's GPA- 7.9

GRE: 323
Q:  161
V:  162
W: 4

TOEFL : Yet to take

LOR: Strong LORs
Research Experience: A fulltime Internship in IIT-Madras for 6 months on a project that is on verge of publication.

Project: 1 Relevant project .

Publications: 1 Publication as First author in a decent journal. 1 publication on the verge of publication as a second author.

I have shortlisted colleges catogorizing it as Safe ,Moderate and Ambitious based on US news reports.I might be totally delusional or understate myself here as i dont have a good idea about my profile.I would really appreciate critique regarding my choices and correct me if i am unrealistic.



1.Colorado School of Mines

2.Oregon State University

3.University of Texas Dallas

Moderate: (Ideally i would be ecstatic if i get admits from these universities )

1.Ohio State University

2. RPI


4.University of Florida


1.North Western University

2.University of Texas Austin

3.Carnegie Mellon University

4.University of Southern California

5.University of Pennsylvannia

6.University of Maryland

7.Texas A and M

8.Virginia Tech

I am thinking of applying to ten of the aforementioned universities based on potential PIs.

Please suggest me whether my choices are realistic and whether my application will be atleast competitve in  these universities. Thanks in advance.

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