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Aerospace Engineering Chances


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Anyone who has had experience with some of these schools please weigh in. A year ago (approx), I applied to a few PhD Aerospace programs (Ohio State, Notre Dame, ASU), and was accepted into all of them. I took a year off to work and take care of some family health issues and am reapplying. I improved my GRE quite a bit, so I added some higher ranked programs to the list this time. I realize a couple are pure reachers but I want some feedback as to which might be realistic for me. I applied to the same 3 i did before, and added the likes of UT Austin, Illinois, Minnesota, MIT, Georgia Tech and Washington. If you've been accepted or rejected to these in the past I'd like to hear what you think. I graduated from a smaller state school with a 3.71 GPA in mechanical engineering and a minor in aerospace. Had a semester of research experience, helped author a journal article, and had a conference/presentation, etc. I also worked internships and other jobs while in school, and have worked for a DOD company this past year. I scored a 165 quant, 161 verbal, and 4.5 AW.

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