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Should I retake GRE with Q 161?


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Hi all,


I am an international master's student in Canada and I am planning to apply to several PhD programs in CS grad schools of rank 15-30 (e.g. Yale, NYU, Northwestern, USC, U Chicago). My GRE score from last year is V 150, Q 161, AWA 4.0. Also, my research field is theory.

I know a lot of other international students who get in very good schools with much lower AWA and V scores than mine, but I am concerned about my quantitative scores. Would this score decrease my chance of admission to these schools? It is a bit difficult for me to re-take the exam since I should go to a different city, and would like to know if it's worth it.

Thank you.


PS: My MSc GPA is 4.0/4.0 and I will probably have good recommendation letters, but don't have a publication.

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