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Do you think I will get into a grad school!?


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I am a senior and currently in the process of applying to speech-lanaguage patholgoy graduate schools. I have an overall GPA of a 3.98 and a mjor GPA of a 3.99. I am super worried because my GRE scores aren't great, I got a 155 on verbal, a 145 on quantitative, and a 4.0 on writing. I studied for months and even took a class. I am just not good at standardized tests. I worked as a writing tutor and a speech science tutor, a peer mentor for sturggling students, and I was a classroom assistant for an English class for a summer. I was a student coordinator for an aphasia group therapy program, which was a great exerpeince. This semester I recieved an opportunity to work one on one with an adult with apahsia and help them author a book which has been an amazing expereince.This is a program for 2nd year grad students but I was offered a spot because they needed another person. I am also tutroing ESL and am going to be a TA for an ESL class in a few weeks. I am in a sorority, president of my honor society, and a memeber of NSSLHA and the linguistics club. I am applying to 7 schools, all on the east coast which I know is very competetive. I am very nervous that I am not going to get in because of my quantitative GRE score. I tried so hard on it and I am going to be devestated if that keeps me out. Has anyone gotten in with a quant score around a 145??? Thank you!!!

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11 minutes ago, Kanga said:

Lots of people get into graduate school with your stats. It really depends on what schools you are applying to, to evaluate more accurately. Have you looked at the ASHA site?

Yes! I picked my schools through ASHA efind. According to those stats I am in the ranger for most except for two of them I am under in quantitative by 5 points and under 3 points for another schools. Those two are my top choices. These are according to the stats of the previously accepted class. However, most say they wants scores above the 50th percentile and a 145 is way below that. :/

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