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Worried I Screwed Up


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Hi.. So, I'm going to apply for several graduate programs for behavior analysis in the spring. I'm worried that my beginning college career will haunt me in this process.. 

After high school I entered a community college. I didn't care about anything. I failed multiple classes, withdrew, got poor grades overall. I made some poor decisions during that time in my life. I took some time off and returned and finished up my associates with a 3.05. I got my act together and eventually transferred to a state university. I will be graduating in the summer. Currently my GPA at the state university is a 3.9. My overall GPA is a 3.4. 

How heavily will my first two years of college life be weighed?

Have I completely ruined my chances at a quality graduate program?

My dream would be to get accepted to the ABA program at Columbia but I'm feeling like my younger self has ruined that potential opportunity.. I'm going to be taking the GRE in January. Hoping to get at least a 320. 

Thoughts? Advice?

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