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Is there any funded master degree programs in physics?


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Yes, they exist but they are rare. I don't know any off the top of my head right now but I think you should be able to search for them. You can use things like gradschoolshopper.com to help you sort through the large lists of schools! It might also require a lot of time reading each department's website and/or contacting departments to clarify their funding schemes. One helpful tip is to look for schools that offer terminal Masters programs, because those that only award "consolation prize" Masters are unlikely to fund Masters. 

Also, you can consider programs outside of the US. For example, Canadian masters are funded because they are the same as the first two years of a US PhD program (a Canadian student would go BSc-> 2 year MSc -> 3-4 year PhD while an American student goes BS -> 5-6 year PhD).

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