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Importance of Quant Score on GRE?

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Hi all.

So, I took the GRE today. Did rather well on the Verbal (169), but just "okay" on the Quant (158). Am I correct in assuming that programs are going to care more about my good verbal score than they are my dusty ability to factor polynomials? I've heard the majority of people say that's the case, but I'm just curious if anyone has experience to the contrary. 

In short, should I be at all worried about this?

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I got a 151 quant (170 verbal), and this did not prevent me from getting into good programs, nor from being awarded fellowships at large state schools where your combined GRE score is used to qualify you for these university-wide awards.

My suggestion is to put it out of your mind! 

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Yeah the only time where this is really a factor, from what I've observed, is if the grad school is using the total GRE score for fellowship consideration. However, at least at my university, there are various different types of fellowships with different GRE requirements (as well as various GPA requirements and such). My quant score was in the 18th percentile (seriously lol), and I still had successful apps.

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