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An educational game called Econia

Ivan Econia

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Dear thegradcafe forumers! 

Some friends and I in Ukraine are working on a mobile-game that teaches economics and civics, and helps players understand the huge influence large corporations hold over our current government.
We have worked on games for years, mostly on slot-games and other pay-to-win titles. Tired of making games that placed company-profit above anything else, and fed up with a democracy that seems to do the same, we left our jobs to work on Econia.
The game simulates a small society that grows from a small group of farmers to a large metropolis. Each citizen, or "Econian", has his own needs and desires, for food, shelter, etc., and will actively pursue those goals. The player can hire Econians to work for them, but those Econians will also quit if they find a better job, and will vote to pass laws that improve their lives.
Players will invest in technology to increase productivity and watch how these inventions change society, and allow some citizens to focus on artand science instead of gathering food. Players will also witness the well-meaning Democracy conquered by a new consolidated upper-class
wielding the power of mass media. As a player, you can either try to prevent it, or use it to your advantage!
In order to keep Econia completely free and open-source, with no ads or in-app purchases, we are currently raising funds on Kickstarter
If (and only if!) this is something you are interested in, we kindly ask you to support the initiative or spread the word for those who might share our views. 
Our social media channels: 
Or contact me at ivan@econiagame.com
Thank you very much for reading this, 


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