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USC Speech-language Pathology question


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I am currently working on my applications through CSDCAS, and was planning on having everything in my December 4th (four weeks before the deadline of January 1). This is the date I told my references as well. I just saw on a FAQ page on USC's website that if an application is submitted the last week of November it is likely not valid, and the student is assumed to be a procrastinator, therefore a non ideal candidate.

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this program/the validity of this information, it seems a bit absurd but I don't want to waste my time/money if I can't be considered turning my application in only a month early.


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Hi there, I am also working on the CSDCAS.

I am applying to the university of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). 

Honestly I don't think that's right. El Paso's actually deadline is Feb 1st, but CSDCAS makes us submit the application a month early, hence the jan 1st deadline, so that the system can verify everything AND THEN send it to UTEP by Feb 1st for the admissions to team to actually look at. 

I am applying to other schools as well that use their own systems, they don't use CSDCAS and you can submit everything by their deadline, not a month before  but that is because they DON'T have a third party system like CSDCAS that verifies everything for them. 

So honestly if you submit your app on Dec 4th it's probably early. Cus CSDCAS sets the deadline a month earlier than the actual school's as it is, just so that they can verify everything. 

I hope that make sense lolz. 

So I think that if you submit your app by Jan 1st on CSDCAS you'll be fine! 

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