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Conference Presentations?


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Hey Guys , 


First post here.  I'm a masters student in Brasil ( Complex Systems Modelling at USP) , with a bachelors in political science. I'm applying for programs across the areas of public policy/social sciences with an intersection of complexity ( Kennedy School Public Policy Phd , Kellogg Management Organizations and Sociology, Chicago Polisci, Stanford Sociology , and some others). 

Going straight to the issue , I have a significant number of presentations at conferences , including two of the most prestigious in political science ( IPSA, APSA) and the biggest one in complexity ( CCS) .  It was always as researcher , and most of the times, independent from any of my professors. 

Do you have any idea how that is weighted on admissions committees? Would that help offset a mediocre GPA (3.2) and a lackadaisical GRE (162v, 155q) ?



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Hey Lucas,

In general, don't be afraid of applying to any of the good schools because of your scores. Your tests scores -- even though they are taken into account -- are not the only thing the committee will be looking for. I personally believe most of them are focusing on the bigger picture of you. If you can show publications and good sense of self--academic-direction you will have very good odds.

But again, it all depends on the program and even some luck on who get's assigned to your committee.


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