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Truman State

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Hey Everyone I'm new to grad cafe. Did anyone by any chance apply to Truman State. I see really don't see a lot of info about their school on here and ASHA doesn't post their stats, which make me a little worried about their program. 

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Hi! So, this is a little bit late... But I thought I'd respond anyway. I didn't apply to Truman for my masters, but I did my undergrad there. My major was Spanish, with minors in Linguistics, Education, and Business. Socially, I LOVED my experience. It is a school of nerds (top 10% of students from the tri-state area). Location isn't the best, but the university compensates for it well enough with lots of cultural events, concerts, shows, etc. I was never really bored. Academically, I can't speak to the Speech dept because I didnt take classes there. I liked most of the other faculty though, so I think in general they've got good people. Something to look into would be the type of clinical placements available. Hope that helps!

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