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M.S in Statistics Profile Evaluation: I'm on the brink of freaking out


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Hi, fellow graduate school applicants:

Can someone please tell me I'm not the only one who is totally confused and lack any degree of certainty whether I'll be admitted to any school of my choosing?

Ok, first of all, how many programs do you guys plan to apply? I'm thinking of 7. I think that's a respectful amount of schools to make sure I'll have at least one "yes"

Also, is there a place to check a certain program's class profile/admission statistics? All I can find online is some pretty general statement, nothing specially indicates the average GPA/GRE/Work Exp of the already-in students.

Lastly, herein below is my profile. What schools do you guys think are within my league? I just submitted applications to Columbia and NYU Steinhardt, but I don't know any other reputable program in Statistics. Please, any of your suggestion is highly welcomed!

Oh, almost forget to add: I'm international. Although I have enough funding, will simply the fact that I'm international affects my chances?

Bachelor Degree: B.A in Economics, Class of 2015

Undergraduate School: Fordham University


GRE Quant: 163   Verbal: 160

Internship: 2 but totally unrelated to Statistics

Group Projects: college-level Investment Pitch Competition 2nd runner-up; hypothetical M&A project in Corporate Finance class

Research Experience: none

Work Experience: 6 months as executive assistant in a sports ticket agency.

Thanks Everyone!


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