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SOP - MFA Design

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Hey guys!
Below is my first draft for my SOP for SVA. Like literally the first.
I just want to know if I'm going in the right direction. (you might the SOP a bit too personal, but then I didn't want it to sound like my bio data.)
Please let me know what you think.

Thanks !


As a working professional in the field of design, many people question the nature of my job or what do I really do? As a designer, I'm both a storyteller and a problem solver. Design is so essential and obvious in everyday lives that sometimes we overlook it. We're looking at a computer screen right now, and it's flat. Except it wasn't until a few years ago. It was round. Slowly the function changed and hence the form. That's itself a story and a solution. Design is the simple answer  to the biggest problems.
"Design is a way of life, a point of view" Paul Rand.
The above quote is how I would summarize my understanding of design.
For as long as I can remember I've been that kid who's been doodling on textbooks and notebooks. I have grown up in a house of problem solvers, right from my younger brother to my grandmother, the eldest in the family. As I recall the day, somewhere in the early 90s, the PC arrived in my house and my father showed me how to use MS paint. Picking colors and seeing all of what you imagine on a glossy screen, I was befuddled and so amused.
My curiosity of design led me to enroll myself in the undergrad program in Symbiosis Institute of Design. Where I studied Fashion Communication and majored in Graphic Design. Subjects such as Advanced Graphic Design, Design Methodology, Visual Identity Design, Packaging and Publication Design - helped me broaden my perspective. My most valued lesson however, would be 'less appeal and more meaning'. My most memorable projects would be meeting up with handicraft artisans from Kutch, a small village in Bhuj, Gujarat and understanding their lives and making a corporate visual identity for them.
And, another one where we lived in the village of Jodhpur, and shot a short film combining Einstein's theory of relativity  of time and dimension to the lives of people in India. For this project we had collaborated with people across various fields such as film making and music composing. That project for me, was the midpoint of Art and Science. It was mentored by my professor Mr. Robin Mathew.
At Symbiosis, I had the opportunity to intern in various industries and explore my interests. Some of my internship were at Tata Trent (as a visual merchandiser intern), Elle India (as an art intern, worked on an inhouse publication.) I completed my degree project under the guidance of Mr. Nikhil Saxena, at Happily Unmarried, a design studio based out of New Delhi where I learned more about digital design, Illustration and developed an interest in Typography and hand-lettering.

In the professional sphere, my first job was The Juice - by Jabong, a fashion publication, as a graphic designer (layout and design of the magazine). Where I was mentored by Shagun Mitra. Within in 8 months, I was promoted to the Junior Art Director, where in I managed the Juice App, the magazine design and art direction for the Jabong blog and various shoots.

I'm presently working as a Designer at IdeaSpice under Saurav Roy, where I function as a UI and graphic designer, working on various global projects for Web Design, Branding and Brand Communications.

After working for more than two years in the design industry I would want to pursue this further by gaining a deeper understanding of design. I eagerly look forward  to work under the guidance of Stefan Sagmeister who has been an idol for me.

The MFA Design graduate program serves as a ideal opportunity for me to develop into a better designer and a problem solver.


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