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Edinburgh vs Manchester


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Hi guys, i have a question

I recently got accepted into Uni of Edinburgh (MSc Comparative Public Policy) and Uni of Manchester (MSc Democracy and Election). I am torn between these two because I have zero experience living in the UK. So, which one do you think would suit me better considering:

1. My bachelor major is International Relation, and my thesis focused on Democratic Institutionalization in Southeast Asia

2. I am applying for a funding in which university ranking is a factor, although to what extend I haven't the slightest idea.

3. Should I fall short in securing the funding, I intend to apply to other funding sources.

4. Right now I am partial to Manchester because democracy is something i really enjoy learning and researching.

Thank you in advance for your input guys!

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Both are good peer unis in the same bracket and have a large international student body. I think the MSc Democracy and Election at Uni of Manchester is more specific whereas MSc Comparative Public Policy is more generic. Most public policy syllabi comprise of governance, IPE, PP institution analysis, Quant methods and some electives. The course should fit your academic interest and goals, hence check concentration and research focus of lecturers. If you really know and are certain about your preference, choose MSc Democracy and Election. Otherwise if you wish to keep your option open, take MSc Comparative Public Policy. You should check teaching methods (traditional lecture vs experimential learning), professional development such as guest speaker series or communication seminars. Do they have treks to public policy organisations/non profits and capstone project vs dissertation? The alumni network is important, how about local alumni chapters in Jakarta for both unis. Ask for employment data of grads, where do they end up career wise (see LinkedIn)?

I can't comment on funding. Good luck


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