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DU MSW, do I stand a chance?


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Hi all,

I'm sure a lot of you are experiencing anxiety about being accepted or not. I'm dying to be accepted into Denver University's MSW program and I'm having a lot of doubts about myself. Any current students/graduates/anyone else tell me my chances of being accepted? I'm currently a senior in college and I'm worried I don't have enough experience to get it as I know a lot of people work a few years in the field before applying to MSW programs

Undergraduate major & Minor: Psychology BS, Family Violence Prevention Minor (I know, should have done a BA but science was always my thing)

Dean's List every semester but 1

Cumulative GPA: 3.79

My GPA for my last two years: 3.95

Work experience: Personal Care Assistant the past 2.5 years, I have worked 22 hours a week on average during this time, I've worked in factories previous to that.

                   I worked with a man with physical disabilities and I work currently with a woman with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Volunteer experience: About 80 hours in teaching English to immigrants as an English as a Second Language teacher

Internship Experience: 4 months as a requirement for a class where I was a Supervised Visitation Intern

I'm currently in a research lab.

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