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Recommendations for Statistics Masters Program given profile?


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Hi everyone,

This is my first post after lurking for a while. I love the site and was hoping you all can help:

I took the GRE today and didn't do as well as I expected. I got a 158 Q and 149 V. Below are some additional details on my profile:

-- 3.2 Cum. GPA at California State school.

-- Double major: Statistics (Economics emphasis) B.Sc., 3.7 GPA; Applied Mathematics B.Sc., 3.2 GPA

-- Graduated May 2015, been working at a startup the past 6 months as a Pricing Analyst

-- Have a lot of experience in R and Excel in both a formal and academic setting, and know SAS and STATA very well from coursework. Also have limited experience in Java, Python, and SQL.

Anyway I was hoping you all can give me some advice on where I should apply for a Statistics or Data Science master. I intend to either become a data acientist, analyst, or a statistical consultant of some sort. I'm very open, and it might depend on where I attend.

Below are some programs I was considering prior to my GRE exam: 

-- University of Washington: Statistics

-- Michigan Ann Arbor: Applied Statistics

-- Northwestern University: Predictive Analytics (online)

-- UCLA: Applied Statistics

-- UCBerkeley: Data Science

Are these still realistic in light of my scores? I've also considered retaking the GRE.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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