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ECU question


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The application deadline is January 15, but on their website they "strongly urge" applications are submitted by November 15th. I have my CSDCAS application done, most of my letters of rec are in, and my transcripts are received, I'm just working on the SOP.

Does anyone know about this program?

Is it worth submitting after this date, even though my application will still be on time (well over a month early)


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I'm applying there, too. I think they just want people to be aware that CSDCAS can be slow, and that they aren't going to make exceptions for those that CSDCAS doesn't get done in time. 

I've already got everything completely verified by CSDCAS for another app, so all I have to do for this one is add the SOP. CSDCAS has already done everything, and the school will be able to see it as soon as I post it and pay the fee. I have a personal deadline of Dec 15 for this. 

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Thank you so much! I'm in the same boat as far as everything being submitted and verified by CSDCAS, just the SOP, but I really do not want to rush that anymore than necessary. 

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