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"Additional information" essays

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So most of my programs offer space somewhere in the application to provide additional information, such as clarifying academic records or other sort of logistical things you might want to bring to the attention of the AdComm. I have a couple points on my transcript I'd like to clarify, and I also want to list the courses I plan to take in the spring. 

My question is, how does one usually approach these essays? right now, mine is basically formatted as a letter without salutation. Along the lines of "As you review my application packet, there are a few points I would like to explain in regards to my transcript ... " 

Is this a pretty standard format?

Thanks in advance for any input!!

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When I supplied this material, I often had two choices:

If it was just a text box to fill in, then I just wrote the content right into the box. 

If it was a PDF to be uploaded, I did not format it in any way. It was just 2 paragraphs typed into a Word document then saved as PDF. I'm not saying this is the best or even a good way to do it, but I felt that it was just a few sentences so I did not want to deal with the whole "format like a letter" thing because the formatting would take up twice as much space as the actual content and I thought that would look silly.

Also, in my field, the SOP and other essays were just text on a page. The only formatting was a title and my name / page numbers in the header.

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