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MS Statistics Profile Evaluation

Kevin Yeom

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It's time of application season, and I am having hard time deciding which schools to apply to 

As a notification, I am an international student studying in US institution


Current School: University of Pennsylvania

Major: Mathematical Economics

Major GPA: 3.75

Overall GPA: 3.5

Relative Coursework: Advanced Econometrics, Mathematical Statistics, Real Analysis, Data Computation Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Mathematics in Finance, Optimization

Undergraduate level Mathematical statistics -- B- , Graduate level Mathematical statistics -- A

First part of graduate level real analysis -- B- , Second part of graduate level real analysis -- A+

Programming Language: R (very strong), Python (strong)

Research Experience: worked with Wharton professors for 2 consecutive years but the works are not really relevant to statistics

Letters of Recommendation: going to ask one mathematics professor (real analysis course) in which I got A+ and two statistics professors one, but all of them do not know me well. I am going to present myself to them in the coming week

For personal reasons, I really want to go to MAS in Penn State. Other schools that I am looking for are U Pitt, Case Western, Carnegie Mellon MSP, and Rutgers

Any thoughts on how I should decide which schools to apply for? Any comment will be really appreciated. 





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