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Applying to HST-MEMP through MIT


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I have located a resource at http://oracle-web.petersons.com/ccc92/display_pdf?p_instance_id=135397.pdf that specifies that individuals applying to the MEMP program through MIT must also apply to MIT as a regular graduate student in an engineering department, but there is no indication of this requirement on the MEMP FAQ page http://hst.mit.edu/academics/memp/admissions. I have started my application via the HST Graduate Admissions site located at https://gradapply.mit.edu/hst and I do not see information regarding a requirement to apply to another MIT department. Does anyone know if I will have to apply as a regular MIT graduate student and apply to the MEMP program through HST or is my application through the HST site sufficient? Thanks!

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Hi everyone

I hope you are having a great time. I am very much interested in the MEMP program and need some information so that I may prepare myself in the best way.


Undergrad (BS Physics) - The Islamia University of Bahawalpur - CGPA 3.93 with the first position in class

Masters (MS Medical Physics) - Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Islamabad - CGPA 3.66 with the first position in class and excellent grade in thesis research.

1 first-authored journal publication, 1 journal publication (3rd author, under review), 4 conference publication and few poster presentations.

Few online courses through EdX, Coursera etc.

2 years of experience of working as lecturer / Jr scientist at PIEAS


1. What is the minimum in GRE scores of admitted candidates? I have consulted MEMP web page where it is stated that most of the candidates have scores above the 90th percentile in quantitative and analytical writing, and above 75th in verbal part. I have 85 percentile in quantitative and 51st on verbal while the analytical score is 3.0/6.0 (terrible!). Though I am planning to re-appear in GRE; however, it will be a good idea to have more information about admission stats in this context.

2. Is there anyone from Pakistan admitted to MEMP program?

3. Any suggestions based on my profile (with an interest towards neuroimaging training program within MEMP)

Looking forward!

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Hi Shahbaz,

I would imagine that the admissions directors will take into consideration that you are not a native English speaker while evaluating your lower verbal and analytical writing GRE scores. Your profile looks very good otherwise. I am also applying to the MEMP program so maybe I will see you at interviews :)

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