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Masters in Computer science time commitment


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I am an undergraduate degree in computer science. I was looking into graduate schools, but I was wondering how much of a time commitment is the typical program. Will I be able to have something of a personal life if I go for a graduate degree? I know that if I took a 9-5 I'll still have time for personal interests as well.  Is it like a 9-5, or is it more of a time commitment? A lot of my upper level computer science classes doubled as masters level classes (they were in my class) and all they had to do was an extra project. I took more classes than most of the graduate students (I took 19 credit hours for 2 years straight..double major...while they were taking 12 credit hours,plus I work part time at a helpdesk for like 20 hours. I also had 2 part time jobs last year. ) .

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Depends how efficiently you study? You need to take probably around 3 classes per term. Some may be easy, some may be hard. You may need to put in a lot of time if you're doing a thesis on top of that. If you need to TA to support yourself, that will take a lot of time. Also, a lot of 9-5's in the software industry end up being more than 9-5's.

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