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How do I know if universities successfully received GRE scores and LINKED them to my app?


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Hi there!

I'm starting to get very anxious, because Stanford Bioengineering applications are due TODAY. I sent the GRE scores about 15 days ago, albeit I haven't submitted my application.

Some of you have expressed that the Uni is supposed to "let you know" after they receive your scores, yet I have not received an official confirmation from Stanford.

My biggest worry is that I have two last names, but when I was registering for the GRE I had to hyphenate them, so I appear as John Obama-Bush for ETS and John Obama Bush for Stanford. Am I screwed? Will they be able to fetch my scores?

Someone help me, please :(

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I don't know of any university that actively informs applicants that their GRE scores were delivered. Some have an online system that is updated occasionally so you can check yourself, but those aren't always kept up to date. You can email and ask them to check, and mention in particular that there might be a name issue that could be causing a problem. Given that you only sent your scores 15 days ago, I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't even gotten around to dealing with them, or to updating the system.

Also, please don't post the same question in multiple forums. I've removed your other post.

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None of my schools notified me directly/personally that they received my GRE scores. Many schools had an online portal that was supposedly automatically updated when the scores came into the system. However, with transcripts and GRE scores, some schools had an issue because my middle names did not match up (similar problem to you). For these schools, the system continued to say that scores were not received. I emailed the school and they confirmed that the scores were received and that the system is just wrong. 

They should be able to fetch your scores if you provided them with the information necessary. As the deadline nears, send them a message to double check, if the online system still does not display scores received.

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I highly recommend simply emailing the graduate school with your query. I've had to do this with a couple schools, and all of the responses have been quick and helpful (much faster than frantic googling and logging in and out of the app system, it turns out). 

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