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MPP Candidacy


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just completed the GRE and wound up getting destroyed, with a total score less than 1200. if adcomms read this forum i'm probably sticking out like a sore thumb, but perhaps that is the risk i am willing to take.

the rest of my profile:

-3.1 gpa undergrad from one of the UC schools, double majoring in international relations and economics. upper division gpa is the same for both majors (at least i'm consistent LOL). i do regret double majoring instead of simply minoring in one of the fields, as taking 3 or 4 core upper division classes had an impact on my performance.

-interned at a major US gov't institution in DC

-WE: 2.5 yrs as a policy administrator/analyst for another major US gov't institution--3.5 by the time of enrollment.

i'm confident not only in having 3 outstanding LORs, but in also developing a compelling SOP based on personal history and current work experience. (both prior policy/gov't experiences were strictly domestic, but i'd like to get the MPP in order to open doors to international organizations.)

it seems like hardly anyone currently in an MPP program or an alum still lurk this forum, but id like to ask anyway: do any MPP programs place enough weight on work experience to where it can completely offset the borderline gpa and below average gre? i figured i might as well give this forum a shot and hopefully hear from any outliers. i recall reading about one person on here who was accepted to georgetown with a below average gpa and GRE. i noticed that the gpa and gre ranges even dip below my stats but my intuition tells me these are people with 5 or more years of experience. heres one example:


avg years of work experince: 3.5

avg age: 26.7 (22-45)

avg gpa: 3.6 (2.7-4.0)

GRE quant: 710 (530-800)

GRE verbal: 630 (330-800)

GRE AW: 4.5 (2.0-6.0)

so does it seem safe to assume that those with the 2.7 gpa probably have tons of work experience and a high gpa? likewise, those with the low GRE scores have a high gpa and tons of work experience?

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