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Research in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics


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I am planning to apply for a research program(PhD.) in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics. Can Someone suggest some good universities/professors ? My main concern was that I have not done any internships or papers on this topic.

Profile :

Master's Degree in Exploration Geophysics : CGPA 3.4/4

GRE : V 154 , Q 168

TOEFL : 103

one paper

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8 hours ago, shr612 said:

Mostly related to mantle convection and dynamo theory

That is still pretty broad... if you are just interested in both general mantle convection and dynamo, UCSC has a top not research program in that department. University of Alaska Fairbanks also has a good dynamo program. I'm sure there are many others.

Mantle convection(this is my field) is a bit easier to find: Berkeley, UCSC, UCSD and UC Davis all have strong mantle convection programs. Caltech and USC also.  University of Arizona, CU Boulder, and Rice round out the western programs. In the midwest, Washington University in St Louis is a strong program along with University of Michigan. On the east coast, Columbia, WHOI/MIT, University of Rhode Island, Boston University, University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, and Brown are all good. 


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On 12/6/2015, 3:53:01, shr612 said:

could you narrow the list based on my scores and CGPA and give some idea which of these would be safe or  moderate

I think you are approaching graduate school applications wrong. I gave you a list of schools so taht you could see what kind of research is going on out there. You should apply to places where you like the research. You shouldn't worry about GRE or GPA, unless your scores are completely bad (which they aren't). You need to make a strong case for you as a researcher and not as a student.

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