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Need help with profile evaluation : Fall 2016 CS with ECE undergrad


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Hello everyone, I would be grateful for some help in my MS application. My undergrad is in Electronics and communication from a reputed institute in India and I am currently working as a software engineer. I would like to apply for MS in a CS program (specifically interested in logic). My gpa is a big problem however apart from the field switch and want to shortlist colleges appropriate for my profile. I have decent exposure to CS and math courses like Data structures, OS &Algos, Speech signal proc, image proc, computer vision, neural nets, AI, linear algebra and 2 independent studies in set theory and first order logic

GRE : 168 Q 160 V

GPA : about 3 - 3.3 (dont know exact conversion to 4 scale)

No publications but a research assistantship (project on robust alignment of large audio and its text transcription), expect very good LORs from mentors

work ex - 1.5 years in an R&D based startup on vision systems, software profile


So far I shortlisted these universities (deadlines after december since I'm a bit late) :

University of Minnesota (twin cities)

University of Michigan (ann harbour)

University of Illinois Chicago

University of Notre Dame

University of Delaware

University of Florida

Ohio state University


Indiana University

(picked from here : http://world.logic.at/#usa )

Which, if any, would you suggest I have a chance of getting accepted in with above profile? Would be grateful for any other suggestions.

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