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Any SLPs/Recent SLP acceptances HELP :)


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Hi Everyone,

  I was wondering your thoughts/opinions on my given situation in regards to applying to Graduate School for Speech-Language Pathology.. A little bit about my situation..

 I graduated December of 2014 with my BS in SLP in NY and decided to take a year off. I chose to not apply anywhere but instead work to save up money and return back to my university as a non-metric student. My reason for doing so because my GRE scores were low V: 140 Q: 137 however my Analytical wasn't terrible I scored a 4.  Also, my GPA took a hit due to health complications of an immediate family of mine. However, I worked through it and at the time gave it my all for the given situation I was in, so I would be able to graduate on time.  I have taken two classes non-metric 1. School Based Intervention and 2.Neuroanatomy both which I have received an A.

 I recently applied for Spring 2016 admission to the university I earned my BS and was denied.  Other students and professors were surprised as was I but everything happens for a reason.  When I had sat down with the chair he made it seem as if it was because my 'low' GPA more so than my low GRE.  Apparently my cumulative is 3.0 and major GPA is 3.2 which when I did the calculations and had someone check my numbers I came up with 3.2 cumulative and 3.4 for my major (this was for undergrad) so I need to double check my numbers.  I feel as if my undergrad grade came back to bite me in the A (how annoying!).  However, we all know things happen- that is life.  I cannot change my past. I can only show schools how I have grown and I thought taking these Grad classes would offset or show I have grown, passed my obstacles, and am 100% focused on my future.  It is very discouraging when you felt you've learned from the best and invested a year non-metric with improvements and growth to only be told no. I feel as if my graduate classes weren't taken into consideration at all..I understand the GRE is important but I am a strong believer that they do not define a person's intelligence or academics.  It is also discouraging sitting in a graduate class where students fail their quizzes and exams and you pass with flying colors and the material should be basically review for everyone.  I'm hungry for this opportunity and I've come so far.

Also apparently I had two people who are on the committee on my side- one being the Chair.  Apparently, he wrote me a letter of recommendation but how 'great' could it have been if I didn't get in? the Chair is someone I have followed for years because I've enjoyed his classes and learned the most.  He said he would write me a nice letter of recommendation for other schools if I apply, which is nice but would you recommend that given the situation I've just encountered?  I wonder how my letter was, I still have not seen a copy and don't know how to ask without sounding petty but I just want to make sure lengthy letters for applications are submitted and not a measly sentence/two or a paragraph.

Most applications for Fall are due towards the end of January, early February.  I'm skeptical if I should apply or if I should wait to take a GRE review course and get my grades up (another $1,400 bucks).  I expressed my concerns and disappointed to the Chairperson and asked where do I go from here/what is the first step I can take to afford myself this opportunity and feel I was given the run around.  Also, I'm tired of being asked "Are you sure you REALLY want to do speech?".  Had I not, I wouldn't have spent $8,000 between the two grad courses I've just completed. 

During my time non-metric I also became more active.  I volunteered at my University's Aphasia Center and also signed up for LISHA and attended conferences. I have a very strong work ethic and currently work as a TA for toddlers.   I'm trying to be proactive and remain positive.  All hope is not lost on my end.

Any guidance would be helpful or situations you were in.


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Wow! Sounds like a really tough situation. 

My first thought - it is definitely worth it to review for the GRE and take it again. I used Magoosh and it really helped me boost my scores (almost 16 pts total!) mostly through doing LOTS of practice questions. Then I would take notes on the types of questions I was missing and then learn about those topics. 

Second, find out what is up with your GPA. Find out how the school is calculating it vs how you´re calculating it. If you can, retake some classes that you didn´t score well in. 

I´m sure you´re leveraging your awesome experiences at the Aphasia center, conferences, and LISHA in your personal statements already. Can you find any other awesome experiences? Sometimes being unique enough to stand out and get the committee to think about your application is what it takes to get them to look beyond the numbers. Have you volunteered abroad? Do you speak any other languages? Do you know what populations/disorders you´d like to work with (if so, find research in that area, read it, understand it, and contact the faculty who wrote it). 

Final note - you said the chair wrote you a LOR. I´m sorry to say this, but some faculty are bad writers. Have you ever read his/her writing? Find faculty who are strong writers and get LOR´s from them. 

It sounds like you´ve got the right attitude and the support of some people are your university :) That´s a great place to be in!

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